Ok. Day two of project rise and shine. Was hoping the alarm was going to snooze on its own…. It didn’t happen.

Walking downstairs to get my cup of coffee I was hit by the perfectly springy smell of Hyacinth.


Reminds me of my many visits to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s early March in the north and the months of grey, cold and as I call the bare trees “sticks” have got you bundled up almost forgetting what green looks like. Coming up the elevator crossing the crowds of people heading to the entrance door the excitement builds. It seems the moment you step through the double doors all your senses are engaged. That smell of blooming flowers is to me, unforgettable and awakening. The smell of hope that spring has not forgotten us and that it WILL be here soon.

Perhaps its a sign. A sign that something new and fresh, something to awaken the senses is on its way. That seeds that have been planted months ago are starting to grow and bloom. Perhaps.

In gratitude for this day. And my beautiful blooms. Krayl