First post here in some time. Quite sometime. Its a new beginning for me. Moving my business based blog over to the full website and finding a way to communicate all my passions into a business message. It’s not completely there but much closer than before.

So why would I need to write here? Why two places to post? Isn’t one more than enough? You would think so and it probably is for some but what I want to post here are my thoughts on the progress towards my goals. Who is supporting me and what barriers are in my way.


My first MAJOR challenge is that I am not a morning person. But I know I need to change that. So lastnight rather than keeping my phone (alarm) by my bed I moved to to the other room. So now I am forced to get out of bed as soon as it goes off. This new plan should, repeat should, give me an extra 1.5 hours in my day…..


Let’s see how it goes. What would you do with an extra 1.5 hours in your day?? ~ Krayl