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I have it good. I admit it. Every Sunday my husband brings me the NY Times and coffee in bed. I love it and I know I am super lucky. Well this past weekend there was a section missing…well not  just a section..MY favorite Sunday section. The Sunday Styles section. One of the main reasons I get the Sunday paper. But ok. Things happen, I am sure it is somewhere. I move on and read the other sections planning to ask later where it may have gone. Then this morning,  heading in the office where the new carpet and painting project is in full effect, needing to do some touch ups, I found it. On the make-shift cardboard drop cloth, MY section had been used as a line marker for the texture spray. The new Calvin Klein Home  full page back page ad that I had clearly never seen before covered in hard white spray.  I actually had to just laugh. In every home project there is usually a sacrifice and for the office the New York Times Style section took the hit. Sorry Nicki & Calvin. {p.s. ~ don’t even get me started on the whole textured wall thing}

Needless to say, not so appealing ~ kf