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While driving on a familiar road hunting for greens for a client I thought  I saw a mirage.  Quickly making a U-turn and almost getting my mother-in-laws car stuck in a fresh mud puddle, I pulled into the driveway of what looked to be a private home on the property of a large tree nursery. I parked and approached my dream wagon.

The floor of the wagon had been covered with burlap to add to the rustic feel of the whole experience. The greens had been freshly cut, possibly even that morning. The varieties – due to the nursery stock – were something you can not find in most markets.  The various trimmings were then placed in large black tubs which had been nailed down to the wagon and labeled with Sharpe written on duct tape (add that to the list of uses..). There was a large coffee container with “Happy Holiday’s ” written on it to be used as an honor system payment center, complete with change.

Over the course of the week I was in town working, I was able to stop by a few times and each visit I encountered other happy patrons who were also noticeably grateful for this decorators dream on the side of the road.

Thank you to the family who had this vision and placed a simple but perfect wagon of greens at the end of the drive. It will remain in my memory of  Christmas 2011 as a wonderful natural green mirage.

See you next year!