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Even though the warm climate in Florida allows for gardening almost year round there are sometimes I find you still  have to bring the garden inside. The holidays are one of those times for sure! Paperwhites and Amaryllis blooming on the table or windowsill are a Northern holiday tradition I am determined to bring to my new town.

This year I found a bunch of great wire “baskets”, some came with glass liners, others I had to cut plastic trays to fit inside to hold the soil and moisture. After lining them with moss I filled them half way with organic soil (I know. We aren’t eating these and you may wonder why bother…but these days we need to make the correct choices ALL the time so yes ORGANIC soil). Placed the little bulbs in their new soil homes and covered with a light amount of moss and they are ready to be placed on my entryway table to great my holiday guests and neighbors.

In fact, people have responded so positively that I already sold a few directly  and even have a collection in a local shop for the holidays … I might be on to something here!